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Sample Searches from the American Haiku Archives

To search the American Haiku Archives collection online, visit Click the “Main Catalog” link, and then enter your search criteria. Or you may go directly with this link:

Search the main catalog of the California State Library

Searching the entire AHA Collection

For a general overview of most catalogued items, search for the “Subject” of “Haiku, American” as in this example:

The search for "Subject: haiku, American" resulted in 1126 records in California State Library. You may download the entire list as a text file: AmericanHaiku-01-20-2008 (rtf) or (pdf file).

To search for all records catalogued as part of the American Haiku Archives, search using the “Keyword” of “American Haiku Archives” as in this example:

As of January 1, 2008 the American Haiku Archives included approximately 2,313 indexed records available through the keyword search "American Haiku Archives". However, this exceeds the number of records you can download online, so you will need to narrow the search by "optional limits" such as a time period.

Searching part of the Archives with Optional Limits

On January 20, 2008 the search for "American Haiku Archives" limited by date "1950-1959" found 20 matching records (of 2313 retrieved). You may download the resulting list of matching records as a text file: AHArecords1950-1959-01-20-2008 (rtf) or (pdf file).

The 1960-1969 search resulted in 111 matching records. Here is the resulting list of matching records as a text file: AHArecords1960-1969-01-20-2008 (rtf) or (pdf file).

Searching by Title or Author

Of course, the entire California State Library (including all American Haiku Archive items) are indexed by title and author, so you may conduct more specific searches for a particular haiku author, a haiku magazine, or a book title. Here are some sample results:

Acorn magazine: Acorn-AHA-06-22-07 (rtf) or (pdf file)

Haiku West magazine: HaikuWest-AHA-06-22-07 (rtf) or (pdf file)

Robert Spiess: RobertSpiess-AHA-06-22-07 (rtf) or (pdf file)

Makoto Ueda: MakotoUeda-AHA-06-22-07 (rtf) or (pdf file)

The Haiku Anthology edited by Cor van den Heuvel: HaikuAnthology-01-20-08 (rtf) or (pdf file)


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